Deciding on a Holiday Hotspot and taking Advantage of Car Hire Discount

All the sunshine this week has really got me in the mood for a holiday. It’s all very well enjoying a sunny spell in the UK, but knowing how long these English heat waves last, I’m hoping that booking a holiday ASAP will make sure the summery feeling continues long after the clouds return to our shores!

There’s only one thing stopping me booking the trip though – deciding where to go! Do I want to carry on the heat wave and head to sun-soaked beaches in Greece or Turkey for a spot of relaxation?  Or are fun-filled weekend city breaks in Paris or Berlin more what I’m after this time?   Then again, there’s always the adventure packed holiday-of-a-lifetime in places like South America or Australia to add to the consideration pile…

Wherever I decide, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the Holiday Autos 25th Anniversary wrap-up sale on Monday 28th May. Topping off the 25th anniversary sale that has run throughout May, they’re offering £25 off car rental in any location, and when you think that a week’s rental in holiday hotspots such as Malaga and Palma starts at around £80, that’s a pretty decent discount.

I always enjoy having a car on holiday because it means I can get to those hard-to-reach beauty spots which no bus or train dares venture to, and if you’re one for taking far too much luggage on holiday, there’s always the car boot to carry the bags!

So, I’d advise to get your thinking caps on quick sharp, and make sure you’ve got a holiday destination in mind when the Holiday Autos car hire sale hits next Monday.

The car hire discount is available on rentals until 31 October when booked on 28th May so even those of you heading off in the autumn can still take advantage of the offer. Happy holidays everyone!


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