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Tasty Destination is a site that aims to reflect on the pleasures we get from discovering, traveling, eating, and pursuing our hobbies. Based in Manila, we travel in and out the metro in pursuit of scrumptious meals and great deals anywhere we can. We will feast your eyes to beautiful places and delicious gourmet adventures. This is our way of sharing our discoveries as we travel and experience the diverse, mouthwatering food trips that the largest continent has to offer.

Got questions or any suggestions that you’d like us to feature? Feel free to contact us by sending email to tastydestination@gmail.com

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. ;)

Janice and Joemel

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    If you have a passion for food and love travel just as much, then you've come to the right place! At Tasty Destination, we offer an escape from stationary living and the stresses of work by giving you a glimpse of the world on a plate. Armed with a camera and excited taste buds, we bring you updates on restaurants, recipes, product reviews, ingredients, events and everything delicious that comes with it.

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