Top Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan

Best Activities in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan is a bustling metropolis that is the epitome of Japanese culture. From the bright lights of Shibuya to the peacefulness of Meiji Shrine, Tokyo has something for everyone. This city is constantly evolving, with new restaurants and shops popping up every day. Whether you're looking for a traditional Japanese experience or something more modern, Tokyo is the place for you. From historical temples to modern skyscrapers, there is always something new to explore. Here are the top things to do in Tokyo:

Top 3 Activities

  • Visit the Shibuya Crossing. This grand intersection is a must-visit whenever you’re in the Shibuya district, and crossing it at least once gives you a feel of the heady pulse of this cosmopolitan city! 
    Japanese city of Tokyo's Top Attractions

    While in the area, you can also walk to the legendary statue of Hachiko and have your photograph taken there (near the Hachiko train station).

    Top Tokyo Attractions

  • Explore Asakusa and the Sensoji Temple. Make sure you get Omikuji paper fortune in front of the Sensoji Temple. As the oldest and most widely visited temple in Tokyo, it is a rich cultural and historical experience for any traveler wanting an authentic sample of Japanese tradition.

    Top Attractions in Tokyo, Japan

  • Witness a Sumo Wrestling Practice. Make your way to Ryogoku to watch Japan’s “rock stars” live and conduct training sessions, and if you’re in luck, you might get their signature and take a photo with them!

Top 3 Food/Street food/Restaurant

  • Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho. At night, this restaurant comes alive with neon lasers, giant robots, and entertainers dressed in the wildest costumes for your dining and viewing pleasure. Make sure you get a reservation so you are assured of seats at this highly popular tourist spot!

  • Tsukiji Market. This odor-free fish market is a runway of sorts to Tokyo’s finest seafood fare. See to it that you stop at the famous grilled scallop stand!

    The Best Tokyo, Japan Attractions

  • Tsuta Ramen Shop. Tsuta is a Micheline-starred ramen restaurant, which explains the long lines. The wait is worth it as you sample the rich broth and slurp authentic, homemade noodles in one of Tokyo’s best ramen joints.

    Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

    source: Japan Wireless

Top 3 Places (Beach/Shopping/Resort, etc.)

  • Tokyo Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland is a must-visit destination for the whole family if you’re in the area. Stay till midnight to witness the glorious electric parade followed by a grand firework show.

    The Best Activities in Tokyo, Japan
    our trip to Japan last 2019

  • Ueno Park. Be one with nature in this picturesque park deep in the heart of urban Tokyo. If you time your visit, you can witness the magnificent cherry blossoms as you visit the museums, zoos, and temples in the area.

    What to do in Tokyo, Japan

  • Mega Donki. A budget-friendly shopping destination, Mega Donki in Shibuya has everything from electronics to snacks and everything in between. You’ll never leave without buying something, whether it is a unique Japanese toy for yourself or souvenir trinkets for your friends back home.

    Most Popular Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan

Top 3 Hotel/Accommodation/Hostel/Airbnb, etc.)

  • Mandarin Oriental. If you have the budget, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the financial district boasts of the best view of the city – as well as world-class service.

  • APA Hotel. Any one of the APA hotels in Tokyo will give you that unique “tiny hotel” experience travelers are curious about whenever the subject of Japan comes up. These are often near the train station, so it’s a good location for your commute around the city.

  • Hotel Yanagibashi. Budget travelers will love the comfort and coziness that Hotel Yanagibashi brings, as well as the fact that it’s a hop and skip away from iconic tourist spots like the Tokyo Skytree Tower.

Top 3 Tips

  • Check the schedule of festivals when planning a trip to Asakusa, as being present when one is taking place is considered as good fortune.
  • Go early to Tsukiji for bidding. 4:00 am is the magic hour for your trip to Tsukiji so you can witness the bidding activity's excitement and have more choices for your unforgettable street seafood sampling experience.
  • Clean up after yourself. Tokyo (and all of Japan) is ultra clean, with virtually no trash cans around. Develop the habit of cleaning up after meals and storing trash in your bag until you return to your hotel.

If you're looking for the best things to do in Tokyo, Japan, you've come to the right place. I know how overwhelming it can be to try and plan a trip to a new place. You want to make sure you see all the important sights, but you also don't want to miss out on any hidden gems. And on top of that, you want to find activities that are budget-friendly.

I can honestly say that Tokyo, Japan is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, the food is amazing, and the city is just beautiful.

Tokyo is a must-see destination for anyone looking to experience everything that Japan has to offer. From its rich history and culture to its delicious food and exciting nightlife, there is something for everyone in Tokyo. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Tokyo today!



5 Ways to See Mount Fuji in Japan

Standing tall as the 35th highest mountain in the world, Mount Fuji is the highest point in Japan. Mount Fuji’s recognizable peak is unmistakable and is an icon of Japan which appears in art, literature, and photographs both past and present. Mount Fuji is in fact, a composite volcano which has not erupted since 1707 and the peak is often covered in snow. The peak can be seen from many locations in Japan and there are a variety of ways to admire Mount Fuji from different vantage points. Here is our list of 5 ways to see Mount Fuji.

Ways to See Mount Fuji, Japan, Mt. Fuji, highest mountain in the world, Tokyo Skytree, Kamakura, Hakone, Travel, Travel Tips, Japan Travel Guide,

See Mount Fuji from the Bullet Train
If you are taking the bullet train, called the Shinkansen from Tokyo to either Osaka or Kyoto you can see Mount Fuji from the train. The secret is the sit on the right side of the train, this way from the windows you can get a definite sight of Mount Fuji. As you pass, you will be able to see the peak of Mount Fuji so get your camera ready as you will have approximately 10 minutes of viewing time from the bullet train windows.

See Mount Fuji from Lake Ashi and Hakone
Hakone is a small town which is situated along the edge of Mount Fuji and is famous for its resorts. If you want to get away from the hustle of Tokyo for a relaxing getaway, Hakone is well known for its Onsens - Japanese hot springs and Ryokan - a traditional Japanese Inn. Lake Ashi, which is sometimes also referred to as Lake Hakone is known as one of the best ways to see Mount Fuji. If you want to get to Lake Ashi and Hakone, check out some of these Mount Fuji Tours. This makes it easier to get out of Tokyo and take in the beautiful scenery and a great way to see Mount Fuji.

See Mount Fuji from Kamakura
Kamakura, which is situated approximately an hour from Tokyo to the south is famous for its Giant Buddha. If you visit Kamakura you will also be able to explore some of the historical attractions and beautiful Buddhist Zen temples and Shinto shrines. Given it’s seaside location, Kamakura is also a surfing town and many surfers come here to catch the waves. Kamakura offers one of the best ways to see Mount Fuji over the water.

See Mount Fuji from the Fuji Shibazakura Festival (April-May)
If you happen to be in Japan towards the end of April until the end of May you will be lucky to explore the Fuji Shibazakura Festival which is held in Fujikawaguchiko and is one of the best ways to see Mount Fuji. The overflowing and blossoming Shibazakura - known as mountain phlox flowers are white, red, pink and purple and a reminiscent of the pink cherry blossoms. The festival fills 6 acres with flourishing flowers and the bright pink landscape combined with Mount Fuji in the background is an unforgettable view.

See Mount Fuji from Tokyo Skytree
The famous Tokyo Skytree, Japan’s tallest structure is one of the best views of Mount Fuji. Although the SkyTree is not close to the Mount (approximately 100 KM away) the view is still rather impressive and it is worth watching the sunset from this high point. Seeing the mountain from the distance is just as impressive and we are sure you will not be disappointed.



5 Easy Ways To Book For Reservation On Airbnb For Beginners

Travel Tips, Travel Coupon, Airbnb Coupon Code, Airbnb, Airbnb How To, Airbnb Guide, Travel Guide, Referral Program, Airbnb Tips, Step by Step Guide Airbnb, Promo Code

Airbnb is one of the most popular online platforms that you can use in order to look for lodging in over 190 countries worldwide. If you wanted to travel and save money, you should use this because the rates are quite cheaper if you’ll compare it to the rates of hotels. Now for those who wanted to utilize the full benefits of the referral coupons, here are the following tips on booking a reservation on Airbnb.

Travel Tips, Travel Coupon, Airbnb Coupon Code, Airbnb, Airbnb How To, Airbnb Guide, Travel Guide, Referral Program, Airbnb Tips, Step by Step Guide Airbnb, Promo Code

Join and register

For those who had never tried staying at Airbnb so far, they are offering a US$20 off for new recruits. All you need to do is to follow the referral link from a member who had recruited you but in case you haven’t been recruited by anyone, there are referrals links that you can find online.
Join Airbnb with my link or just use my code: joemelb3 to save $20 on your first booking!


Once you’ve officially becomes one of the member, you should start inviting your friends to create their own accounts too using the invitation page. In that way, for every new member that you had recruited, you earn US$12 in your travel credit and once your recruited member had his first booking, you can enjoy a value of up to US$56. However, keep in mind that you should be able to fully use your travel credits because it expires within a year.

Travel Tips, Travel Coupon, Airbnb Coupon Code, Airbnb, Airbnb How To, Airbnb Guide, Travel Guide, Referral Program, Airbnb Tips, Step by Step Guide Airbnb, Promo Code

Look for an ideal host

Before you choose your host, make sure that you’ve done a thorough background check about him. As much as


The 411 on Travel Tax Philippines: Everything You Need to Know About It

The Philippines is a must-visit country in Southeast Asia, and some of the things that foreigners as well as locals who travel abroad search for include travel tax Philippines, including terminal fee and travel tax for international flights. Your search for information on travel tax Philippines ends here; know everything that is important about Philippine travel tax and terminal fee in this article!

Philippine Travel, Travel Tax Philippines, Philippines Travel Tax Price, Airport Tax Philippines Information, Travel 101, Travel Guide, Tax NAIA, Manila Guide

Travel Tax Philippines Info for Nationals

Filipinos taking trips outside the Philippines, travel tax is something that they ought to settle before they depart to their destination. You pay for this at the airport before passing through immigration, but there are also times when the cost of airport tax Philippines is already included in your ticket cost once purchased.

The travel tax Philippines amount for 2016 is currently at PHP 1,620.00 per traveller for economy class, which is roughly around USD $32. For passengers who will ride first class, the travel tax to be settled is up to P2,700 or roughly around USD $54.

Philippine Travel, Travel Tax Philippines, Philippines Travel Tax Price, Airport Tax Philippines Information, Travel 101, Travel Guide, Tax NAIA, Manila Guide

Travel Tax Philippines Information for Foreigners

If you are a US National or a Permanent Resident/Green Card Holder, travel tax Philippines is something you are exempt from. However, it is your duty  as a US Permanent Resident to get a Travel Tax Exemption Certificate, which can be obtained at the Philippine Tourism Authority at the DoT (Department of Tourism at TM Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila.

Airport Tax Philippines Information for Nationals and Foreigners

While travel tax Philippines is an exemption for Foreigners and Green Card Holders, airport tax and terminal fees Philippines 2016 is something that both are expected to pay for. The airport terminal fee is at P750, or roughly USD $15. If you are departing from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), you will have to settle this amount.

If you are an OFW or an Overseas Filipino Traveler, you may be exempted from paying the Philippine travel tax and airport terminal fees. Check with your travel agent to see if the exemptions also apply to you.

If you are flying domestic from Manila to Cebu and vice versa, you do not have to settle travel tax Philippines at the airport because this is already computed in your airfare. This does not apply to all other airports in the country though, as the requirement for all departing passengers is to settle travel tax Philippines and terminal fees soon after checking in for the flight and before one boards the plane. With regards to the terminal fee in airports across the Philippines, the rate ranges from as low as P50 up to P200 when it comes to domestic departures. For international departures, travel tax Philippines and terminal fees can range from P500 to P700. This fee is settled in cash and in the Philippine currency only.

As a tip, it is usually handy to prepare the exact amount that you need to settle whether it is the airport terminal fee or the Philippine travel tax. Separate this amount in your wallet so you are not rushing and to make things more efficient for everyone. Ensure that you have enough in the local currency to settle the necessary amount, otherwise you may be forced to exchange your money at the airport where fees can be slightly higher than usual.



Britney Spears Live in Manila tickets are now available!

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Britney Spears Live in Concert Manila Philippines!

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Who's excited for Britney Spears? She will be having a live concert in Mall of Asia Arena (MOA) Manila Philippines. Are you ready to sing with her? Watch out for the Britney Spears Ticket on Sale this 05.04.17

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Go on a Buffet Binge with 10 of Manila’s Finest Offerings

Feel like eating more than an entrée and a salad? When the mood to feast on sumptuous servings strikes, the best way to go is to hit up the buffet. In no particular order, here are ten of the best, tried and tested, value for money buffets that will leave you with a satisfied tummy and two thumbs up:

1.     The Hotel Experience: Spiral at Sofitel

Top Buffet Manila, Spiral Buffet, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,
Top Buffet Manila, Spiral Buffet, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,

Spiral reopened two years ago to bring a bigger and better continental buffet selection. Apart from the usual must-reach-out-for goodies like their famous chocolate chip cookies and mouthwatering grilled meats, one shouldn’t miss checking out the Cheese Room. Imagine being surrounded by Brie, Camembert and other cheeses, replete with a variety of crackers, grapes and other cheese-loving accouterments. As the price is definitely on the steep side, it is a must to come on an empty stomach and the determination to try as many cuisines as possible.

Budget: Allocate P3,000 per head.

2.     Rethinking Filipino Cuisine: Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico

Top Buffet Manila, Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,

Located in the heart of San Juan, the vintage vibe given by the charmingly restored old house is the venue for artfully re-mastered Filipino dishes. Do a double take on old favorites with a twist such as sisig cups, Kare-kareng bagnet and more. The carving station itself is worth hanging out in front of. Call to ask about the day’s selection as some dishes only come out during the dinner fare or weekends.

Budget: Allocate P500 per head.

3.     Cook-It-Yourselfers: Sambokojin

Top Buffet Manila, Sambokojin, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,

We’re certainly hit hard by the Korean craze, and the same can be said about their food. If you’d like to bring the fun of buffets one notch higher, check out Sambokojin Korean BBQ buffet. Their salmon and tuna selection is guaranteed to be fresh (meaning no funny tummies for you in the morning) and their meats have good marbling, which translates to fatty and juicy grilling all the way! Balance it off with a vegetable selection that’s also ideal for grilling (grilled corn, anyone?) and cap the meal off with a selection of local ice cream, fruits and sweet treats for dessert.

Budget: Allocate P700-800 per head.

4.     Alba Spanish Restaurant

Top Buffet Manila, Alba Spanish Restaurant, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,

Oh, Alba. When were you not a favorite all these years? This Spanish gem usually does not make it to the popular lists of buffets, making it a secret go-to place for those who are in the know. Must try dishes: sautĂ©ed mushrooms, cochinillo and black (seafood) paella. It’s also considered a sin to leave without trying the panna cotta over at the dessert station, so make sure you leave room for it.

Budget: Allocate P700 per head.

5.     A Collegiate Favorite: CafĂ© Sweet Inspirations

Top Buffet Manila, Café Sweet Inspirations, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,

CafĂ© Sweet Inspirations is a popular choice for college sweethearts studying or living in the Katipunan or nearby UP area. While the restaurant is known for their pastries and cakes, the Mongolian-style buffet offering is also worth checking out. An assortment of meats, veggies and seafood await stir-fry enthusiasts, complete with savory sauces to pick at your creative side with an opportunity to mix and match ingredients and sauces. Tip: go heavy on the sauce for a thicker stir-fry and don’t hesitate to ask for your bowl to have another whirl at frying for a smokier taste.

Budget: Allocate P350-400 per head.

6.     The Barangay Buffet: Cabalen Filipino Buffet

Top Buffet Manila, Cabalen, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,

When the intention is to feed your entire angkan (clan), nothing beats value-for-money Filipino buffet like that of Cabalen’s. With old time favorites like kilawin, piniritong hito, lechon, calamares, and sinangag, the food choices are sure to be a hit with everyone aged two to one hundred. A halo-halo set-up (among other Filipino dessert treats) is something to look forward to after your meal.

Budget: Allocate P400 per head.

7.     Non-Hotel Luxury Fave: Vikings Buffet

Top Buffet Manila, Vikings Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,

If you are a sucker for extensive variety with a more casual ambience, Vikings Buffet is your best bet. This non-hotel venue offers both classic and creative buffet fare with an atmosphere that is nothing short of merry and bustling in a surprisingly lavish environment. This joint has got everything for everyone, from sushi to steak to tapas. We suggest making a beeline for the Asian Section to grab a helping of Kalbi Jjim and Chapchae, two crowd favorites.

Budget: Allocate P900-1000 per head.

8.     For the Breakfast and Brunch Folk: BFast by Chef Laudico

Chef Laudico makes it to the list again with BFast, a popular all-day breakfast and brunch buffet place in Makati. Worth gorging on is the Lechon Kawali with Bagoong Sauce, Angucino (angus tocino) and Angus Tapa, a decadent take on the usual Filipino breakfast favorite. This buffet place is known for changing their menu every now and then, so each visit always yields a new, delicious surprise.

Budget: Allocate P300 per head.

9.     Fancy Does It: High Tea at the Manila Peninsula

The Lobby, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, Top Buffet Manila

Fancy afternoons call for a trip to the Manila Peninsula for their high tea buffet, with more than just the usual teas and scones. What to expect: canapĂ©s, cheeses, pies, other delicate pica-pica. Other comfort food includes pancit luglog, macaroni and cheese, lumpiang ubod and assorted sandwiches, but you get your money’s worth with the first dishes mentioned. It’s a pretty penny you’re going to spend snacking at the Pen, so eat slowly and enjoy the plush surroundings of The Lobby. After all, you’re at The Pen!

Budget: Allocate P1000+ per head.

10.  Chic and Modern: The Food Club Lifestyle Buffet

The Food Club Lifestyle Buffet, Top Buffet Manila, Manila Buffet, Eat All You Can, Food, Food Guide, Food Reviews, Reviews, Restaurant Reviews,

The Food Club offers buffet no-fail offerings in a tastefully modern set-up that reminds one of being at an upscale club. Crowd favorites include crispy tempura with a surprisingly flavorful batter, the cheese selection, pasta offerings and the sugar high-inducing sweets buffet. While the selection isn’t as extensive as other buffet places, what’s nice about The Food Club is there isn’t one bland dish in their food choices.

Budget: Allocate P800-1000 per head.


Food Deal: P1,590 for P2,665 worth of food at Sofitel! 40% off at Spiral

This Offer Includes:

Only P1,590 for P2,665 worth of Food at any of Sofitel's Restaurants & Bars including Spiral, Le Bar, Galette, and Snaps Sports Bar!

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  • SPIRAL is one of the most sought-after buffets in the metro with 21 ateliers, unlimited foie gras for dinner, and more
  • Le Bar is a chill out bistro where you can enjoy fantastic French food and exquisite teas
  • Galette is famous for its French pastries while Snaps Sports Bar serves up burgers, gourmet sandwiches, and other favorites
  • Use this voucher at any of Sofitel’s Restaurants & Bars and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience
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What To Know

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