The 411 on Travel Tax Philippines: Everything You Need to Know About It

The Philippines is a must-visit country in Southeast Asia, and some of the things that foreigners as well as locals who travel abroad search for include travel tax Philippines, including terminal fee and travel tax for international flights. Your search for information on travel tax Philippines ends here; know everything that is important about Philippine travel tax and terminal fee in this article!

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Travel Tax Philippines Info for Nationals

Filipinos taking trips outside the Philippines, travel tax is something that they ought to settle before they depart to their destination. You pay for this at the airport before passing through immigration, but there are also times when the cost of airport tax Philippines is already included in your ticket cost once purchased.

The travel tax Philippines amount for 2016 is currently at PHP 1,620.00 per traveller for economy class, which is roughly around USD $32. For passengers who will ride first class, the travel tax to be settled is up to P2,700 or roughly around USD $54.

Philippine Travel, Travel Tax Philippines, Philippines Travel Tax Price, Airport Tax Philippines Information, Travel 101, Travel Guide, Tax NAIA, Manila Guide

Travel Tax Philippines Information for Foreigners

If you are a US National or a Permanent Resident/Green Card Holder, travel tax Philippines is something you are exempt from. However, it is your duty  as a US Permanent Resident to get a Travel Tax Exemption Certificate, which can be obtained at the Philippine Tourism Authority at the DoT (Department of Tourism at TM Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila.

Airport Tax Philippines Information for Nationals and Foreigners

While travel tax Philippines is an exemption for Foreigners and Green Card Holders, airport tax and terminal fees Philippines 2016 is something that both are expected to pay for. The airport terminal fee is at P750, or roughly USD $15. If you are departing from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), you will have to settle this amount.

If you are an OFW or an Overseas Filipino Traveler, you may be exempted from paying the Philippine travel tax and airport terminal fees. Check with your travel agent to see if the exemptions also apply to you.

If you are flying domestic from Manila to Cebu and vice versa, you do not have to settle travel tax Philippines at the airport because this is already computed in your airfare. This does not apply to all other airports in the country though, as the requirement for all departing passengers is to settle travel tax Philippines and terminal fees soon after checking in for the flight and before one boards the plane. With regards to the terminal fee in airports across the Philippines, the rate ranges from as low as P50 up to P200 when it comes to domestic departures. For international departures, travel tax Philippines and terminal fees can range from P500 to P700. This fee is settled in cash and in the Philippine currency only.

As a tip, it is usually handy to prepare the exact amount that you need to settle whether it is the airport terminal fee or the Philippine travel tax. Separate this amount in your wallet so you are not rushing and to make things more efficient for everyone. Ensure that you have enough in the local currency to settle the necessary amount, otherwise you may be forced to exchange your money at the airport where fees can be slightly higher than usual.


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