We are Giving Google Plus (Google+) Invites!

Google Plus or Google+ is Google's latest social network, which is expected to be a better and improved Facebook.

While there are several features that is very much alike from Facebook, there are various others that are wholly fresh and exciting.

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We know you want to try Google Plus but it is still in a beta testing mode with invites given only to a selected few. Here’s the good news we have some invites to give out to our readers. You just need to complete these
easy steps to get the invite:

Like us on Facebook and share this post on Facebook. “Get Google Plus Invites! http://bit.ly/qJaSud via www.facebook.com/TastyDestination”


Follow us on Twitter and Tweet this post. “Get Google Plus Invites! http://bit.ly/qJaSud via @tastydesTination “

Send an e-mail to us at tastydestination@gmail.com from your Gmail id and give your (Facebook username and url) or(Twitter url and id).

IMPORTANT: We give invites only after we checked that you have liked or followed us and shared the post. Please give us some time (few hours max) for you to get an invite after sending an e-mail to us. We are hoping for your kind cooperation we hope you will enjoy the Google Plus / Google+ :)

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