5 Fun and Adventurous Family Vacation Activities

Family vacations are great times to get the whole family together to make memories and get away from the everyday routine of school and work. Often the best way to bond as a family is to try exciting, new activities, which will allow your vacation stand out from any other. Here are some suggestions of adventures your family can participate in which will expand your horizons.

1. Find a ghost tour in the area. Most cities and even towns have a ghost tour. This is a unique way to learn about the specific area and it's history. You may even learn things that aren't typically written in your average history book. Ghost tours can be found all over from Savannah ghost tours in Georgia to ghostly tales in Boston, Massachusetts of past politicians. They are educational, spooky and exciting. Plus, they often give you a sense of landmarks in the area and are ideal for when you first arrive.

2. Amusement parks can be fun for the entire family. A ticket to an amusement park such as Great Adventure or even Disney World will allow you to enjoy multiple rides and roller coasters. In addition, these facilities often have live entertainment as well as lots of dining and food options. You can enjoy a full and well-rounded day!

3. If you are visiting an area near the water, try a new water sport. This can be an invigorating learning experience for your whole family. Plus, it will get everyone active and moving. Look into options such as wind surfing, jet skiing or even snorkeling to gain a new perspective of your travel destination. Another option could be
something team building such as white water rafting or canoeing where you must work together and look out for one another.

4. Go for a hike. Look for parks in your vacation area. Some even offer hiking tours, which will show to specific landmarks or lookout points. Hiking is a wonderful way to connect with nature and your family while taking in some beautiful scenery. You can make it a fitness challenge or take a leisurely walk looking for bird, animals and other wildlife. This is a great way to teach your kids about nature and different animals. They may even be able to see animals in this vacation spot that are not native to your hometown. Some parks may even offer the opportunity to zip line through the forest or area. This will be exhilarating and something your family will likely never forget! Other parks offer events for the whole family, so look into them ahead of time incase they require pre-registration.

5. If you are traveling in the wintertime to a snowy destination, an adventurous activity to try is snowkiting. This is not for the faint at heart. This is considered an extreme sport but can be very exciting if you are a daredevil! Snowkiting involves lifting off of the ground with a kite into the air to see sights and get an adrenaline rush. If this activity isn't quite your speed, you may also look into skiing or snowboarding. If you haven't been before, it is a good idea to do a group family lesson at the mountain to become acquainted with the equipment as well as the protocol for safety on the slopes.

Family vacations offer endless opportunities to bond and try to activities. From Savannah ghost tours, to snowkiting on a mountain in Vermont, to windsurfing in Hawaii, you will absolutely be able to find a new activity that will be sure to excite any and all family members. Try something new and exhilarating to connect with your family and come home with amazing stories to share.

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