Educational Travel Opportunities Available to College Students

It is difficult to argue the benefits of traveling for students. In the past, when higher education was a luxury reserved for only the wealthiest families in society, sending students abroad to learn from the best teachers in the world was both expected and encouraged. Lately, most students are taking their education closer to home, but those who travel during school speak more highly of their travels than of any other aspect of their academic careers. It is an unfortunate fact that many students and their families feel like these opportunities are out of reach, usually for financial reasons. However, there are opportunities for educational travel available for everyone.

Traveling abroad is often the most attractive and interesting option for students. Most universities have an office established to help students find and manage study abroad programs while they pursue their degrees, and these experiences are always educational and illuminating for students. Programs for semesters in Europe and summer programs everywhere from China to Brazil are constantly looking for promising students to enter the fold, and these can often be managed at little to no cost through scholarship programs. Students should talk to their academic
advisers and educational travel offices about these opportunities before counting them out.

Online resources are also a great help for students in the search for educational travel opportunities. Schools that are not as enthusiastic about promoting travel outside of the university walls may not be able to help as much with finding the best programs. Websites like can help students find fascinating and fulfilling programs for studying all over the world. In addition to regular semester and summer programs which can be worked out with the school's academic and financial advising departments, service learning programs are also available. In these settings, students gain valuable experience working in the host country in exchange for educational benefits.

Of course, educational travel doesn't have to be international to be fun and exciting. Educational trips around the student's home country are also available, and often much more affordable than study abroad programs. Students with parents working in the government are especially lucky in this regard. Many government positions offer employees the opportunity to have their children travel for free in the name of education. A Department of State employee stationed across the country can get her child pursuing a criminology degree online free air fare for educational travel once a year--a great opportunity to see new places and learn about the nature of government work. Don't sleep on opportunities like this.

Educational travel holds a multitude of untold benefits for students. Getting out and seeing the world is the best way for students to learn about foreign cultures and become more cultured themselves. Whether the journey is halfway across the world or halfway across the country, the experience will be educational and unforgettable. Always be on the lookout for travel opportunities--they will always be there for those with the drive to pursue them.


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