Bullfighting in Lisbon – The Best Tourist Attraction in the City

The capital city of Portugal is not just known for wonderfully relaxing holidays and its art and culture but also for its Bullfighting tradition.

Bullfighting is very popular in Lisbon and also among those who love this sporting activity and come to Lisbon to witness it and also to take part in this exciting activity.

Portuguese are a very lively people and love to sing and dance in festivals and cultural events that are held frequently in the capital every year. Bullfighting is one tradition that continues to be held as a sport in the capital. It is mostly performed by professionals and held to the merriment of the onlookers who assemble in specially.

One unique thing about bullfighting in Lisbon is the murder of the bull by the fighter in the ring using his sword in a display of skill and art. Though associated mostly with Spain, especially Madrid, bullfighting in Lisbon attracts thousands of tourists who come to watch the mesmerizing spectacle in the ring.

Bullfighters are known as matadors and to become a matador, high levels of athleticism and skill is required to be able to dodge the bull and defeat him, taunting him and tiring him down. With the passage of time, the practice of
bullfighting has changed in Portugal and there is no more killing of the animal.

Known as Corrida de Touros, bullfighting in Lisbon today is bloodless after much controversy in Portugal as well as internationally. If you are a lover of bullfighting and wish to see it when in Lisbon, head to campo Pequeno which is a place close to the city centre.

Let us talk a bit more about Portuguese bullfighting that is made up of three main events. A horseman enters the ring and tries to fight the bull riding on this horse. Both the rider and the horse are dressed in special attires. Known as Cavaleiro, these horse riders use small javelins to hit the bull from its back to make it angry. These riders come from old aristocratic families of Lisbon.

Bandarilheiros is the Portuguese word for the matadors we seen in Madrid bullfights, running here and there and holding a red coat to make the bull excited. Forcados is a group of 8 unarmed men challenging the bull without a weapon in their hands.

The bull has to go through 3 rounds with these men one by one and in the end, it is taken away from the ring and sometimes killed by a butcher away from the sight of the spectators.

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