Two Exotic Asian Tourist Destinations You Are Going To Love

For any European or American, far away continents will always represent a mysterious attraction, a place one will always dream to visit. And if life gives you the chance to visit Asia, and you are also a person looking for Asian landmarks, make sure to include the following two destinations on your itinerary.

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1. Angkor is considered to be the most fascinating archaeological site in Asia. Around the ruins of the Khmer Empire, capital authorities have created an entire archaeological park where tourists are able to get in contact with the Asian culture from the 9th to the 15th century. The masterpiece and the point that attracts most of the tourists is the worldwide known Temple of Angkor Wat.

The site has such an important cultural and historical significance that UNESCO has developed many programs, in order to preserve and secure it. The Archaeological Park, which covers 400 square kilometers / 155 square miles, offers the tourists the possibility of seeing all sorts of water constructions: basins, canals and reservoirs. Angkor was for many centuries the capital of the the Khmer Empire, and is a testimony that proves the beauty of that unique civilization in a remote part of the globe.

If this will be your future holiday destination, keep in mind that the weather is always hot and sticky there. The best period to visit the Park is from November till the end of February, when the climate is a little bit cooler and drier. Around Easter and Christmas though, the Park is very crowded. You can easily get to Angkor, as it is a 20 minutes
drive from Siem Reap. You can visit the Park using the tour buses, by renting a car, a motorbike with a driver, a bicycle, a horse carriage and even an elephant.

2. Cappadocia is another one of a kind region in the entire world. Cappadocia is located in the middle of Anatolia, Turkey and it consists of a canyon, hills and unusual, mysterious rock formations which were created along the years by the rain and winds..

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Cappadocia, Top Destinations, Tourist Destination, Travel, Travel ASIA,

The main attractions are the numerous troglodyte houses, though, which were built in the rock, underground, thus offering an otherworldly view to the numerous tourists, which are coming there every month of the year. The thick lava cover was eroded over the years, due to the rain and wind, thus giving birth to mushroom shaped formations that astonish every traveler.

It is important to know that the houses were the perfect hideaway for the Christian believers, who were trying to save their lives by hiding inside them, while running away from their oppressors. You can reach Cappadocia by bus from Ankara, Istanbul or Antalya, by train, or by plane to Kayseri, which is one hour away from the center of the Cappadocia region. While in the region, make sure to visit the underground cities (there are 8 floors of underground houses) where the houses are connected by tunnels and caves. Also, don’t forget to see the ancient Greek houses in Sinasos, the Goreme Open air Museum, the Dark Church and the Zelve Open air museum.

Besides sightseeing, Cappadocia offers its tourists the possibility of hiking, as there are many valleys and many routes that are marked for the enjoyment and fun of the tourists. It is a region that will also fascinate you with the special dishes that the Turkish cooks will prepare especially for you. Remember to eat dried apricots and raisins, white beans served with spicy meat, kebap and the wines that are specific to the region. In Cappadocia there is a wine factory where noble grapes are used to create some of the most famous wine brands in the entire world.

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