Guest Post: Dream holidays for foodie lottery winners

Lottery jackpot winners who love their food might want to splash their cash on one of these dream culinary escapes.

Whether they are playing SuperEnalotto, EuroMillions or any other popular lottery, food lovers who are lucky enough to win the big jackpot may find they have the freedom to experience every culture and famous dish they ever wanted to try.

But with so much to choose from, where should gourmet lotto lovers jet to?

Dimsum in Hong Kong

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 Dimsum in Hong Kong
credits to Lennox at Flickr

The Far East is home to the most exotic of foodstuffs, with meals composed with skill and artistry.

Dim sum is a dish prepared with professional care - and where better to master the art of making these delectable dumplings than in Hong Kong under the supervision of cooking teacher extraordinaire Martha Sherpa?

And the best part is students get to enjoy the wonderful things they prepare when they have finished.


Top of any gastronome's list of places to visit if money is suddenly no object is 2011's best restaurant in the world,

The eatery - which is based in the Danish capital of Copenhagen - is up for winning the title again this year thanks to its artfully decorated plates of locally-foraged delights, including Nordic flowers and fungi.

While in Denmark, food lovers could also try out some other national delicacies including pickled herring, butter biscuits and gravlax - a sweet cured salmon dish.

The taste of Provence

Guest Posts, Hong Kong, Food, Dimsum, Noma, Provence, Maharaja Railway, Napa Valley, Travel, Travel Guide, Food Blog, Food Trip,  Food Guide

For the chance to hone one's culinary skills, a cooking holiday in the French sunshine may be just the ticket for lottery jackpot winners.

Provence is famous for producing excellent food and wine thanks to its Mediterranean climate and on a Gourmet Safari Provencal Cuisine Discovery tour, travellers will get the opportunity to cook in a Michelin-starred restaurant and learn about truffles.

The Maharaja Railway

For a chance to experience every spice in India, lottery winners could hop aboard one of the luxury trains that traverse the cross-country Maharaja Railway.

The circuit takes tourists through Rajasthan, New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Agra - home of the Taj Mahal and en route travelers can eat authentic cuisine and sample the different regional dishes of the subcontinent.

With two restaurants on the train itself and berths coming with the luxurious trappings once only experienced by royalty, the Maharaja Railway is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for food-loving lotto winners - and is essential for people who love a spicy curry.

Something to wash it all down with…

After all that guzzling, lottery jackpot winners may feel a little parched, so where better to quench one's thirst than in California's Napa Valley, the home of American winemaking.

On a Napa Valley tour, people can explore the state's award-winning wineries, from the massive commercial operations to the smaller specialist outfits and learn how to taste and smell the different aromas and other subtleties of different grape varieties.

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