How to Enjoy Your Springtime Vacation without Going Over Budget

Since springtime returns and the warm weather starts to peek back in, it’s never too early to start thinking about upcoming holidays, spring break and planning a springtime vacation. Don’t let the rising costs of gas, airfare and travel be a damper on vacation ideas, however. With careful budgeting, a little research and the help of online discounts, such as Travelocity coupons, the family can enjoy a spring vacation without having to break the bank.

Do Your Research

Before choosing a spring vacation destination, check into all of the costs associated with the location and determine how it compares to possible alternatives. Researching ahead of time may uncover significant discounts when purchasing package deals or using Travelocity coupons.

Also determine if flying is the cheapest mode of travel. If the location is close enough to drive, finding a good deal on a rental car may save money in the long run and make for an exciting road trip along the way. Don’t rule out other modes of transportation, such as train or even boat, depending on the vacation destination.

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Budget Ahead

Proper planning to cover all expenses is essential to keeping a spring vacation within an allotted budget. Free online travel calculators can help highlight important expenses that may not be the first thought while sorting through airfare, hotel costs and rentals. When traveling to a foreign country, be sure to also budget in the difference of currency exchange and consider how that affects the overall cost of the trip. While it may not be
possible to foresee all expenses, planning ahead prevents spending beyond what’s budgeted for a spring vacation.

Flying and Airfare

When flying to a vacation destination, ensure a lower price on airfare by booking flights at the right time and location. Finding a deal on a plane ticket is a balancing act. Booking too early or too late will result in higher airfare prices. Somewhere in the middle, the prices on flights lower, before increasing again as the departure date draws near. It’s best to plan flights early and monitor the prices until the point where they drop.

Use travel websites to compare the prices between different airports as well. If it’s possible to depart or arrive in different locations, the cost of booking for one airport may be lower than another. Travelocity coupons or package deals can provide an additional discount to the airfare by itself, or as package deals when booking the flight and the hotel together at the same time.

Keep in mind that flying at the beginning of a week is generally less expensive than attempting to fly nearer to the weekend. The flight time and number of layovers may also factor into the ticket’s expense. An over-night flight or a flight with many stops may provide a discounted price, however consider if the cost is worth it, especially when traveling with children.

Finally, consider the “hidden” cost of checking in baggage for each person on the flight. This may vary depending on the airline, but many charge a baggage fee, which can amount to a significant cost if you haven’t factored it into your budget. Avoid the fee by packing light and using smaller carry-on bags when possible.

Hotel Costs

Travel, Budget Travel, Hotel, Family Vacation, Travel Tips, Road Trip

Next to gas and airfare, hotel and boarding is another significant cost to budget ahead for. Be sure to research and read reviews about hotels before booking a reservation. Sometimes, a deal that seems too good to be true actually is. It may cost a little more for a higher quality hotel, but always balance comfort and satisfaction with the expense. Travelocity coupons may offer additional discounts when booking a hotel reservation along with car rental and airfare.

Once all arrangements are complete, it’s time to have fun and take a break on a springtime vacation. Proper research and planning allows less worry and more enjoyment, even when vacationing on a budget.

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