Phuket Holiday-Awesome Thai Adventures

Phuket has been on our radar for sometime as a popular holiday destination and we have been monitoring it for some time. When we finally made it to the Island, we found that it was better than we ever imagined. The island province offers a wealth of exhilarating activities custom designed with the tourist or visitor in mind. While having some good money is a plus, this is one of the few places across the face of the earth that allows you a lot at no money or very little if any.

If you are looking for a place to be yourself, then you will find Phuket as the place to be. For us, both my wife and I, we found it as the excellent place worth basing our day-trips into the huge number of dive spots surrounding the Island. Also, if you would like to depart to some of the many liveaboard types of dive trips, Phuket is the place to be. We used it to depart to fabulous visits to Mergui Archipelago and Simmillan Islands. While there are a number of Padi 5-star dive operators in Patong with their tour offices, you can be able to arrange for a daily trip through your hotel like we did, in case a dive store is not around. We were in luck since the Phuket dive season begins from November all the way to April.

Phuket holiday was perfect with the amazing white sand beaches. Since they could be crowded sometimes, we took the advice of a number of people and went for some of the less populated and nicer beaches spread across the island's western coast.

Be warned that as you rent jetski, it is most likely not insured and any damage incurred might have to be met by you. We were lucky to be warned on time and we simply pointed out some of the damage already in existence to our operator before we left. Also, to avoid the full force of Thai authorities, avoid the zones reserved for swimming to avoid causing damage to other people. Otherwise, you will love the powerful machines that make the skis and you will return safely just like we did.

Thai cuisine is one of a kind in the world and we realized this the first time we entered Phuket until our departure. You will find sour and sweet dishes and other tantalizing assortments and varieties of real authentic and unique Thai tastes that will excite and satisfy your exotic palate. The food is served with a number of sauces or nam chim, including condiments. Some of those you will definitely love if you are anything like my husband include nam pla phrik or phrik nam pla, that consists of garlic, chopped chilies, lime juice and fish sauce, sauces of spicy chili or paste, sriracha sauce, rice vinegar with well sliced types of chili peppers, chili sauce that is sweet and dried chili flakes. In case you are a family, you will find Thai family meals very convenient and way out of your imagination since they consist of a number of dishes with rice that create a superbly harmonious contrast in terms of methods of preparations and ingredients. The Thai cuisine gives life to an already energetic Phuket holiday as we found out.

While there are so many things we did in Phuket and great places we visited, Phuket holiday is not complete without
sampling the Island after the lights have come on and darkness has fallen. We found Patong as the place where the party seems to start and across the Bangla Road region, the bars come to life with music filling up the air as like-minded holidaymakers get out to have some fun. Singles and perhaps a man and wife have an upper hand in some of these night spots but you will come across family and couples friendly places to spend some of the night away.

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