The restaurants that you must visit in Dubai

Dubai is known primarily for its big buildings and lavish real estate sector, as well as hard working expats who make up about 90% of the state’s population. People, from all over the world, have chosen Dubai as their home and/or work destination, adding very unique and vast cultural diversity here. This diversity is reflected in all aspects of life, making Dubai one of the most expat friendly destinations on the globe.

To cater to people from different social statuses and income groups, Dubai is known for offering a broader spectrum of services. You can find a number of facilities here according to your budget, including a wide variety of dining options. Among the tasty destinations of the world, Dubai is quite a notable one. I have chosen to discuss some of the
prominent restaurants in Dubai that remain under the limelight.

Armani Ristorante

The world’s tallest tower has the world’s first signature hotel by Giorgio Armani. The Armani Hotel is known for many things including restaurants that offer a very satisfying dining experience. From mesmerising interior to tasty delights and delicious cuisines to beautifully presented food, Armani Ristorante is the top dining choice among elites and celebrities in Dubai. Armani Ristorante is known for offering homemade pasta, nougat semifreddo, and bruschetta. The food served here is just as precious as the branded suit by Armani.

Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire

If ambience of a restaurant matters just as much as for you its food quality then Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire can definitely become your best choice in Dubai. With vibrant interior, food literate staff, and extensive menu to leave you lost with every bite makes Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire the favourite restaurant of many food critics. Although the restaurants are a bit pricey but as compared to quality and the taste of food, and classiness of the interior, all of it is truly worth it. To know what a high class dining in Dubai means, you must visit Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire.


Okku serves a variety of very delicious Japanese cuisines in classic dark setting. The theme of this restaurant as well as its menu goes well with the aura of Dubai. For those who cannot do without seafood, Okku is the place for them to experience some of the best seafood delicacies. One of the best things about this restaurant is it reasonable rates and the excellent food served here. The food lovers who land in Dubai should try Okku, the food quality and taste here will give them all the reasons to revisit the place.

This post has been written by Julie Robert, she has wide knowledge of Dubai real estate, Dubai Properties and Dubai Rentals.

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