6 Sight Seeing Spots You Can't Miss Out in Dubai

Dubai has recently become one of the hottest tourist destinations thanks to the huge sums of money developers put into the city.  Considered by many to be the most progressive vision and the quintessential city of the future, the desert makes an odd—yet intriguing—backdrop for such a place to spring up.

So, if you're planning a visit to Dubai, be sure to check out these six tourist destinations that you can't afford to miss—no trip to Dubai would be complete without them!

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1. The New Atlantis 

Right on the waterfront of Dubai, you can rediscover the lost island of Atlantis—at least the new versions of it.  The Atlantis Resort is right on the Gulf, providing a family-friendly place to get away on one of the three man-made islands.  Take the three-mile trip to the main land on a monorail, enjoying the breathtaking sights of the city, the islands, the desert and the water all at once.

When you're on the island of Atlantis, be sure to check out the extraordinary water park, Aquaventure.  Featuring an almost vertical drop of 90 feet that takes you right through a shark-infested lagoon—in a safety tunnel of course—the Leap of Faith is just one of the many attractions at this park that is four times the size of Wembley Stadium.  For the less adventurous, swim with dolphins in a complex of seven interconnected pools or shop in the huge mall and watch over 70,000 marine creatures swim about the sunken streets through ceiling-to-floor glass walls.

You can also shop at high-end boutiques, stroll along the pristine beaches,  or indulge in one of the dozens of bars, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs or spas.

2. Riding the Metro Trains

Dubai had one of the worst traffic problems in the world, with gridlocks spanning the entire city.  This was mainly due to such large economic progress coupled with the low prices of oil.  To fix this problem, the city created what is now the world's largest driverless train system.

The automated trains of Dubai have three different classes: luxury, standard and women and children (Dubai is still a fairly strict religious city despite its modernization).  Choose the luxury if you really want to sight-see in style.

For sightseeing, the Red Line spans 25 miles and connects tourist areas together as well as parts of the old, historic city and the new, modern city.  See and visit sites such as Jumeirah, the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall, Deira and the airport.

3. Shop until You Drop

Speaking of malls, Dubai has some of the world's largest shopping centers.  The Mall of the Emirates is a sight to behold in and of itself—it has indoor ski slopes that are covered with snow!  While the Mall of the Emirates used to
be the biggest mall in the world, the new distinction belongs to the Dubai Mall, the world's biggest mall.

Containing a cinema with twenty two screens, an indoor theme park (Sega Republic) an enormous aquarium (with the world's biggest viewing panel), an Olympic ice skating rink and even a waterfall, this is more of a spectacle than a shopping center—though you can certainly do that here too!  Be sure to catch the light and music show at the Dubai Fountain, playing every thirty minutes each evening.

4. Souks for Sale

One of the most unique districts of Dubai is the Souks, where you can find everything from gold to spices to perfume to Arabian lamps.  The Souks is split in half by the Creek (a great tourist destination in and of itself).  There are mazes of alleyways on either side of the Creek in Bur Dubai.  Try on diamond jewelry that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars or take the public ferry across the creek to see how the other half lives.

5. West Bank of Dubai Creek

Explore the historic side of Dubai, taking in the sights of this once small trading settlement.  Visit the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort to get a better idea of just how far Dubai has come in its modern transformation.  Bur Dubai has some of the most historic buildings in Dubai, where you can get a taste of how life used to be way back when.

6. Leave Dubai

Of course, you can always take a trip through the United Arab Emirates.  Made up of seven sheikdoms, most are reachable within a few hours drive.  See your hotel concierge about travel options.  The highways are lined with trees or you can hit the sand dunes for some real adventure.  Be sure to check out the desert oasis of Al Ain.

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