Dandeli - Karnataka's Well Kept Secret

Dandeli is a beautiful small town in the historic and prestigious state of Karnataka in India that is slowly becoming one of the top tourist destinations of the country. What is unique about Dandeli is that not only is it a picturesque town, but it also offers a lot of options for entertainment to the tourists as per their mood and preference – whether you just want to relax & enjoy the beauty of nature, whether you want to do something adventurous, whether you want to want to explore wildlife up close – Dandeli has options for all.

The state of Karnataka itself is a solace for the tourists, but Dandeli will surpass your expectations and take you for an adventure of a lifetime. It will offer you unexpected joyous experiences amidst the wilderness in the arms of nature… and without realizing it will be a home away from home for you. The sound of the flowing Kali River adds music to the rich blooming floras and faunal diversity of Dandeli.

The people in Dandeli are very helpful and friendly. Although most of the natives speak Kannada & Konkani, they are very well versed in English and Hindi as well.

Activities and Attractions:

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Nature has more to offer than human desires and Dandeli will show you just how vast & magical nature can be. You can do a lot of bird watching in Dandeli where you can easily spot over 400 species of birds, the most common ones being the hornbill, pied hornbill, blabbers and great spotted eagle.

Other characteristic attractions are the deciduous reserve forest, wild life game sanctuaries and the most famous tiger projects that have been undertaken here. This 475.018 sq.km wild life region was declared as a game sanctuary by the Bombay Government and in 1998 the Karnataka Government re-declared it as Dandeli Wildlife
sanctuary. It has remained so since then and now has rapid development taking place in the field of tourism.

If you do a search on Dandeli, most of the pictures that come up will most probably be of the Syntheri Rock - Syntheri Rock is a majestic 300 ft tall monolithic granite structure located deep in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a must see for anyone visiting Dandeli.

Adventure seekers will find their prayers answered as one can effortlessly jump on to a jeep to find pleasure in jungle safaris and explore the wilderness spotting wild animals like the tigers, bison, black panthers, elephants, wild buffalo, wild boars, bears, king cobra etc.

People looking for some more thrill can try their hand at adventure rappelling, white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking – For most, these adrenalin pumping activities will be once in a lifetime experiences & something to brag about for a long time to come.

You can also indulge in simple pleasures like camping, nature walking, cycling, mountain biking, fishing, crocodile watching, boating and angling – activities that are just nearly impossible if you’re living in a big city with concrete building everywhere.

Hotels & Resorts:

Dandeli hotels are best known for their mouth watering cuisine serving the best North and South delicacies at a very affordable price. Besides the natural wilderness and relishing cuisines, the facilities provided by the forest department and the private stays and jungle lodging, which again is affordable to the tourists, have enhanced, transformed and revolutionized the tourism of Dandeli. It is considered the best holiday destination for trekkers and adventurous souls; it is the place for one to celebrate ‘Living’.

This getaway will be more than just a break or a holiday to be cherished; it will be much more… don’t forget to take your cameras!

Author Bio – This article is written by Veeresh Yarageri from Panther Jungle Homestay, Dandeli, Karnataka, India. If you’re looking for an adventurous trip to Dandeli and wish to enjoy activities like river rafting, rappelling, trekking etc, do check out his website for more info on Dandeli homestays.

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