Exploring the Treasures of Myanmar

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Traveling Myanmar is unlike traveling anywhere else in Southeast Asia. Other parts of Southeast Asia are mostly free countries. Sure, there may be some censorship or political corruption, but by and large people live their own lives. Step foot in Myanmar however and you’re now in a world of military leadership and censorship.

Don’t be afraid however. The areas that tourists frequent are very safe. It’s a great way to experience a part of the world that often makes the news, without being in any real danger. Locals will be hesitant to discuss anything political out in the open, but are often more than willing to share behind closed doors.

When in Myanmar, be careful of going too far off the beaten path. If you veer far off from tourist areas, it’s not unusual for plain clothes police to ask you to go back. Much of the country is still shrouded in shadows.

If you want to experience some real world politics, rather than just the tourist catered nature of Southeast Asia, go to Myanmar. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

Yangon & Mandalay
Your visit to Myanmar will most likely begin in Yangon. Experience the thrill of exploring two famous pagodas: The Botatung Pagoda and the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The visit  to Mandalay is when the adventure really begins.

Start your adventure with witnessing how tapestry is made. It’s a very intricate art that takes years of practice to perfect. In Myanmar however, there are dozens of seamstresses who’ve mastered this difficult art. Watch them in action and be amazed.

In Mandalay you can also witness the magic of Myanmar’s marble carving in a live marble carving workshop. How is dense
stone tuned into beautiful statues? See it happen before your eyes. There’s also a silk weaving workshop to visit as well.

Amarapura & Sagaing
Myanmar, Yangon Mandalay, Amarapura Sagaing, Bagan, Pindaya Inle, Southeast ASIA, Travel, Travel ASIA, Travel Guide, Amarapura is home to the Mahagandaryone Monastery, an incredible sight for both locals and travelers to behold. You can also visit the wood carving workshop to watch all kinds of wood-based goods get created. Finally, no tour of Amarapura is complete without visiting the bronze casting workshop, where you can watch lifeless metal shape into incredible objects.

Next on the path is Sagaing Hill. Sagaing hill has another name: The “Center for Meditation.” This is where the locals come to explore their inner worlds and find enlightenment.

Near Sagaing Hill are several more popular workshops to visit. You have the pottery making village, where many of the pots you’ll see at the various markets around the country are made. You also have the silver smithing workshop. If you have the time, you can even get silver custom-made for you.

Bagan offers quite a wide array of experiences for travelers.

For the spiritually oriented, you have the Shwezigon Pagoda, Ananda Temple and the Thatbyinnyu Temple. Go to pray, or just to witness the local religion.

For bargain hunters or people who’d like to take a souvenir home, the Nyaung Oo Market is a fantastic place to go. You can find both inexpensive manufactured goods, as well as carefully made hand made objects.

Bagan is also home to the Lacquerware making workshop. As you visit these workshops, you’ll quickly realize that many of them use the same techniques – But many of them also use completely different approaches and methods.

Finally, Bagan is also famous for its puppet shows. Enjoy the dance of imagined life while you enjoy a delectable local meal.

Pindaya & Inle
The Pindaya Caves are a fantastic way to experience a different side of nature. Exploring the caves with the group allows you to experience the adventure of caving, without the physical danger.

Near Pindaya is an entire village dedicated to making umbrellas. Umbrellas are made using traditional techniques and are very interesting to witness up-close.

Finally, Inle is home to the infamous Lake Inle. There you can witness the Floating Gardens, a breathtaking bed of flowers floating in the lake. You’ll also see traditional fisherman doing their work.

Visiting Myanmar is a fantastic way to get a glimpse into a society that’s still developing. The political situation in Myanmar creates a sense of adventure as well as progress in the air. Tourists often find they have a much more authentic experience of traveling by going to a country like Myanmar, rather than a country like Thailand where everything is catered to them.

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