A Visitor's Guide to Fine Dining in NYC

When visiting New York City, it may be important to you to enjoy fine dining restaurants, bars and lounges. If you are not in the market to experience these spots daily, then you will want to take special care in researching for the one-time event that you are planning. It is important to know how much you may want to spend, what area of the city will you frequent and most especially, the type of food that you desire. There are so many fine restaurants in New York City. Many restaurants compete to be the very best at preparing their highly advertised, specialty items. They all work very hard to earn their money and to give their customers a most memorable experience. They each hope that you will be talking about them long after they have served you your meal. They hope that you will recommend them to your friends who plan to be visiting the city.

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There are various city locales, such as Greenwich, Manhattan or Soho. All of these are experiences of unique downtown areas. Some restaurants cater to the family, while some are reported to be  romantic type restaurants, with alluring atmospheres and sensual foods. Most fine dining restaurants have couples and families partaking of their menus.

A Few Among Many Fine Dining Establishments in NYC:

1. Serving dinner until 11 o'clock p.m., the Gotham Bar and Grill located on East 12th Street provides many chef delights. They are interested in very unique dishes and food full of nutrition, as well. Chef Alfred Portale offers his signature dish, the skyscraper of a seafood salad and is willing to accept the praise that he receives concerning this particular meal.

2. If you are interested in visiting Greenwich Village, the restaurant entitled One if by Land, Two if by Sea in central Greenwich will delight your sense. They offer aromatic, fine food, beautiful piano music and twinkling lights for the atmosphere they wish to create. If you enjoy tender lamb or beef Wellington cooked to perfection, then you may
want to try this particular establishment.

3. When in the mood for Italian cuisine, you will want to reserve a table at I Trulli Restaurant on 27th Street in NYC. Using all the culinary and cultural magic that they can muster, the Marzovilla family will take you to southern Italy as you experience Italian wines and specialty dishes at their best. The restaurant layout includes two dining sections, separated by an enclosed glass fireplace. A wood burning oven adds to the warmth and the mystique of their establishment. Ricotta dumplings and many other pasta choices will draw you back to NYC again and again. In May, they open their courtyard garden, which only adds to the beauty and allure of this particular restaurant.

These are but a few of the fine dining restaurants available in NYC. Unique bars and cozy lounges are also in abundance throughout the city. Most will offer a very different and very pleasant experience to you while visiting and enjoying NYC.

Ben Klein works in various roles at 230 Fifth. He enjoys the sights and sounds of big cities and finding new places to eat. 230 Fifth is New York City’s premiere rooftop bar and lounge for those looking for a great club. Located in Midtown, 230 Fifth is the largest outdoor Rooftop Garden in Manhattan. 

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