Fireworks Displays Around the World That Are Worth Traveling to See

Fireworks are often used to punctuate and enhance times of celebration such as holidays and special events. For many they are an annual tradition, used to celebrate independence or the start of a new calendar year. But there's no doubt that some locales do it up right with massive displays that draw crowds by the millions. Here are just a few festivals of lights that have garnered global acclaim with their ability to light up the skies.

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1. Disneyland - Anaheim, California. Okay, so Disneyland may not have the biggest or best fireworks display in the world, but for those looking to enjoy lights in the sky year round, every night delivers at the happiest place on Earth. And with the holidays coming, you're bound to enjoy seasonal themes both around the park and via the fireworks display - as if you needed a reason to go to the world's most popular theme park.

2. New Year's Eve - Sydney, Australia. Nearly every major city in the world employs fireworks to celebrate the turning of the year, but Sydney is known across the globe as having one of the best light shows on Earth come midnight on New Year's Eve. And it's no surprise when you consider that they spend an estimated $5 million for the display each year. Last year's fireworks included a bowtie on the Harbour Bridge as well as a cascade of lights that looked like a waterfall. And if over 100,000 exploding shells aren't enough of a draw, a street party that is 1.5 million strong ought to put you in a celebratory mood.

3. Festa del Redentore - Venice, Italy. The third Sunday of July marks this annual celebration, which has been in practice since the late 16th century. But before the annual pilgrimage can be made to the Redentore Church (across a makeshift pontoon bridge, no less), revelers gather on Saturday night to feast, watch
fireworks over St. Mark's Basin, and party until dawn.

4. POSCO International Fireworks Festival - Pohang, South Korea. The City of Light and Fire, as it is known, is reportedly the first place in Korea to enjoy the sunrise. So that takes care of the "light" portion of the moniker. As for the fire, that comes during the annual festival of music and lights, which features events like water sports, parades, and of course, the famous fireworks over Yeongil Bay set to music.

5. Celebration of Light - Vancouver, B.C., Canada. This annual festival of fireworks is both a celebration, as stated, and a competition. Taking place in August each year, the multi-day event pits entrants from across the globe in a contest of innovation in illumination. Different countries compete each year for crowds numbering over a million, but only one display can win. And although you've missed the festivities for 2012, it's never too late to start planning for next year. Perhaps you'll even be inspired to pick up a few items from Ghengis fireworks and plan a display of your own based on the marvels you witness at this festival of lights.

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