Packing Essentials for a Romantic Vacation

Whether it's the first trip for you and your significant other, or it's an anniversary trip to celebrate decades of lasting commitment, the awesome thing about going on a romantic vacation is that it can bring about surprising feelings of excitement and anticipation; that's always a great motivator for a time filled with passion.

So, as you prepare for your trip, it's definitely a good idea to prepare for the occasion by packing in a way that will help to set the mood, as well as keep it there until the return home. And what would that kind of "goodie bag" look like? Here are some of our recommendations:

Sleepwear is a must. Whether it is lacy lingerie or satin pajamas, make sure that you leave your cotton shorts and tatted robe behind for this kind of trip. As a matter of fact, this is a great time to purchase something new, perhaps in your partner's favorite color. Oh, and if you're a guy reading this, women like to see their man in something that they haven't seen before as well (that's just a hint).

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Body oils and butters. If you're going to a resort where you can get couple massages, then they will already have some of these things on hand. However, even the best kind of massage therapist cannot replace how sensual it feels to receive an intimate rub down from the one who you love the most. So, whether it's body oil from Victoria's Secret or a body butter from your favorite department store, pick up a couple of bottles or containers that smell and feel divine. Oh, don't forget some bubble bath as well. Nothing says "romance" like a bubble bath for two.

Romance one another. Another great thing about romantic vacations is that it's a time to do things outside of the norm. 

Pack (or plan) a picnic. Room service is nice (especially if you're used to eating in at home most of the time), but one idea that is totally romantic and easy on the budget is packing a picnic basket. It can be one for lunch in the middle of the day, or a basket with a late evening theme filled with roses, candles, chocolates, champagne and maybe even a different kind of "sweet gift" like some lingerie by Vanity Fair at Bare Necessities or some silk boxers from a local men's shop.

Don't forget some dress up clothes. Although you may intend to spend a lot of your time in your room, it's also romantic to spend a night (or two) out on the town, whether that's dinner and dancing or going to a concert. This would require bringing a long some dress up clothes. If it's been a while since the special someone in your life has seen you in a dress or a suit, use this as an opportunity to show them that you're not only the master at romance, but that you are a wonderful date (and picture opp) too. It's a great way to remind them of some of the things that attracted them to you in the first place.

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