5 Must-See Attractions in Iceland

When planning your next vacation, chances are the same sorts of places come to mind. If you're looking for culture, most would recommend Rome or London. If food is what you're after, New York City and Paris should be on your list. For beautiful beaches there's Hawaii, Mexico and a huge list of gorgeous, remote islands. All of these are fantastic, and certainly well worth consideration. But have you ever thought about a trip to Iceland? The name alone is enough to chill most people's bones and scare you off. But this temperate nation is filled with an astounding mix of natural and man-made sights that you won't find anywhere else. The majority of visitors to Iceland come from Europe or Australia, but Americans have begun to explore this country more frequently. If you're ready for something different, plan a trip that takes you to these five must-see attractions in Iceland.

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First up is the Northern Lights, a truly one-of-a-kind wonder. You will have to brave the chill for this one, as the northern lights can only be seen during the winter months between September and March. If you want to hedge your bets plan your trip for one end of that timeframe or the other. You won't be disappointed. It's a multicolored natural light display that you'll stare at completely awestruck until the bitter chill forces you back inside by the fire.

If your interests run a bit more cosmopolitan than that, check out Iceland's largest city, Reykjavik. More than 60% of the population of the country reside inside this city, although you wouldn't get that feeling when visiting. It still has that small town feel, with a quaint arts district and world-class museums to keep you busy during the days. But head out at night for incredible restaurants and a party scene that rivals that of much larger international cities.

When you need a break from the craziness of the city, get yourself some rest and relaxation at the Blue Lagoon. This is probably the top tourist spot in Iceland, and one trip there will make the reasons quite obvious. It's a natural geothermal pool, heated by the earth itself. The steaming water extends more than 6,000 feet down, and the mineral-rich water is fantastic for your skin. It's a blue like no water you've ever seen, and spending the day floating around with dozens of other half naked folks, surrounded by snowy mountains will give you the type of spa
experience you'll never forget.

Iceland, Travel, Travel Ideas, Best Attractions, Top List, Top Destinations, Vacation, Northern Lights, Gullfoss
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Now it's time to dry yourself off, put on your hiking shoes and head to Gullfoss. This is a spectacular waterfall that plunges more than one hundred feet into a green canyon. The spray will mist your face, and if the sun is out you'll see an almost constant rainbow. The combined effect is striking. It's an absolutely gorgeous sight, and the hike to get there is a joy all on its own.

Finally, no Iceland tours will be complete without experiencing the glaciers. It doesn't have to be freezing cold for you to enjoy their natural majesty. But during the colder months you will be able to go out on a glacier trek with other brave souls. If roughing it like that isn't your cup of tea you can take short drives to the edge of ancient glaciers, watch the swirling pools and check out a range of colors you've never seen in ice before. You can see glaciers in other places, but not along with everything else that's possible in this incredible country.

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