How to Plan a Wedding in Pittsburgh

Congratulations! You’re officially engaged to be married at a later date and time. If you’ve decided that that later date and time will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you should know that this city can be a great place to hold nuptials if you make the right preparations in advance. This article will show you how to do just that.

How to Plan a Wedding in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Steel City

Time of Year

The first thing you have to figure out is when you and your future spouse will hold your Pittsburgh nuptials. This is important as Pittsburgh weather isn’t nearly as idyllic as that of the West coast states. Whether you decide to have a winter, fall, spring, summer or spring wedding can have a great effect on events.
Spring and fall in Pittsburgh are among the calmer moments in the area. Generally, it’s neither too hot nor too cold. If you’re planning a wedding on a breezy Saturday in April or holding early September nuptials, know that the only weather issues you’ll have to worry about is rain. Watch the weather reports in the days leading up to the big day!

According to residents, summers in Pittsburgh are known to be hot and humid. While this would be an issue if you’re planning on holding the ceremony outside, a simple remedy for an excruciatingly humid day would be to hold the wedding inside of a hotel.

Even those who are not lifelong residents of Pittsburgh know about their harsh and unforgiving winters. Needless to say, Pittsburgh winters don’t make for prime wedding days. If you’re dead set on having a winter wedding, hotels in
the Pittsburgh area are more than willing to accommodate you.

Your Wedding Needs

You’re the bride. What do you want for your wedding? Do you envision tulips as part of the centerpieces? Do you have your heart set on a certain band or DJ for the wedding reception? What about a caterer? As a bride, you’ll want a lot of things. But what are the things that you absolutely must have? What aspects of the wedding are non-negotiable?

Once you and your future spouse have gone over the non-negotiables (and many of the runner ups), the two of you have to decide what you can actually afford for the wedding. A ten tiered red velvet wedding cake may be a non-negotiable, but it won’t matter if the price is outside of your budget. When looking at the things that must be included on your big day, keep your budget in mind at all times. If that ten tiered wedding cake is an absolute, absolute must have, you and your fiancée will probably have to make sacrifices in other areas.

Finding a Venue

Figuring out your needs will naturally extend to the venue. Since your wedding will be in the often unforgiving climate of the Steel City, you’ll probably want to hold the ceremony indoors. Then there’s the size of the banquet hall, dance floor and the amenities of the honeymoon suites to consider.

Speaking of suites, you’ll want to make sure that any out of town guests flying in for the ceremony will be as comfortable as possible. When picking a hotel for the ceremony, make sure that the rooms have as many amenities as the average person could possibly want-and afford. Your aunt and uncle who have to fly in from Colorado won’t remember your wedding so well if they have to sleep on a lumpy mattress and live under an Irish clog dancer.

You’ll also want to get the guest list in place as soon as possible. This is so you can give the hotel a good idea of the number of people their facilities will have to accommodate. You don’t want a dozen of people who didn’t RSVP showing up to the ceremony and expecting to be served a chicken dinner.

If you’re from the home of the Steelers, you know that the city of Pittsburgh is a great place to live. Even if you’re not from the Steel City, Pittsburgh is coming into its own as a major metropolitan area. When looking for a place to hold your nuptials, consider Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as one of your options. If you’re getting married in the winter, don’t forget your warm winter coat!

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