The Most Important Laptop Features for Business Travelers

Business travelers need to be able to compute on the go. Work doesn't stop when you're out of the office--in fact it will probably start to move even faster while your hands are full. If you're going to keep up, you'll need a good laptop for remote working. When you go shopping for a business travel computer, be sure to look for these important features.

1. Battery Life

Nothing is worse than getting into your work while you're on the road, only to be met by a low battery warning just as you're about to make a breakthrough. Avoid the hassle of losing important work and wasting time at charging stations by finding a laptop with long battery life from the start. Remember that manufacturer claims are not always accurate, so look for reviews from actual users when you start shopping for laptops.

2. USB Ports

The USB port is arguably one of the most important technological innovations of the past several years. Dozens of external utilities now use USB connections--everything from an optical drive to a memory storage device can connect using the same universal port. The new USB 3.0 does the same job, but allows for even greater speed and backwards compatibility. For a laptop, this means that several USB ports are necessary for optimal performance. Every external device that plugs into your computer will take up at least one port. Look for a laptop that has at least 3 or 4 USB outlets.

3. Light Weight

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You don't want to lug a huge, heavy laptop around while you're traveling, especially when your laptop bag is the one piece of luggage that will be staying with you at all times. Look for a computer that is compact and lightweight. Windows users will want to check out the Ultrabook series, while Mac lovers will gravitate towards the Macbook Air offerings. Both are ultra-portable laptop offerings, often weighing under 3 lbs and taking up little more space than a
spiral bound notebook. These laptops are tailor-made for the traveler.

4. Anti-Glare Screen

Computing on the go will usually mean spending some time outside. Anyone who has spent time on a laptop in the great outdoors knows what a problem sunlight can be. Anti-glare screens help solve this problem, allowing you to see your display clearly in any setting. They typically come with a matte coating that cuts down on harsh reflections while maintaining a clear display in all light levels. You may or may not need an SFP-10G-SR transceiver, but you always need to be able to see your screen. Don't let the sun keep you from using your computer outdoors again.

5. Durability

Any traveling laptop is going to wind up taking a bit of abuse sooner or later. You can expect the inevitable drop, or unexpected collision with a wall or car door. Even if the only wear and tear on your laptop is opening and closing, you can still expect some damage eventually. Look for laptops that have metal reinforced hinges for long life and shock-mounted hard drives to protect your data from impact. Spill resistant keyboards are also helpful. Look for anything that can protect against the dangers of portable computing and extend the life of your laptop.

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