Great Apps for College Students Abroad

When you're enjoying your college years, you don't always have a ton of money to do awesome things like travel and see the world. The thing is, a lot of students definitely realize that they're not going to have a lot of time to do stuff like this once they've graduated. If you're contending with a full-time class load, this idea might seem a little bit laughable. It's true, though, that once you graduate college, you're likely to find yourself enjoying a lot less free time than you had when you were pursuing your higher education. Once you've graduated and are responsible for making the kind of money that can pay for things like rent and groceries on a monthly basis, you don't usually wind up having the kind of free time that lets you get out and see the world in a serious way. Traveling as a student is a really popular solution, but when you're doing something like this, you're definitely going to want all the help you can possibly get.

Thankfully, just about everyone carries around some kind of smartphone or tablet computer with them these days. If you're a student and you're getting ready to do some serious traveling abroad, you might want to hop into your application store and check out some of the following useful apps.

When you're in a foreign country, it's more than likely that you're not going to be familiar with the local weather patterns. Furthermore, when we're on vacation, we don't typically have ways that we can conveniently or easily adjust the things that we're wearing. This means that if you make the wrong choice when you leave for the day's sightseeing, you could wind up seriously regretting it. Get yourself an application that will help you know exactly what the weather is going to be like in your area. AccuWeather is a great application that can help you by giving you an hourly weather prediction, and WeatherBug is another favorite for this type of functionality.

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Phone calls can be pretty expensive when you're in another country, as your US-based mobile service might not carry over quite so readily. When you're checking out a new country abroad, you want to make sure you've got a way to connect with your friends and family back home. An application like Vonage Mobile, Skype, or Viber will
give you the ability to make both voice and video calls using the Internet so you don't have to pay crazy steep roaming charges just to hear your family members' voices.

Finally, when it comes to traveling on a budget, no app is going to help you out as much as the CouchSurfing application will. This app is designed to put you in touch with other travel enthusiasts who have opened up their couches to travelers visiting the area. It's a great way to both meet people and get a bit of local flavor while you're enjoying your trip. If you're looking for ways to travel, but are also considering MSW programs online, you'll be glad to know that you can have both. With these applications, you'll have no problem saving money while you see the world.

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